I saw some recent discussion on this point on FB, and while I don’t feel the need for the band to make an official statement, this post can be reposted, or screenshot and shared if you like.

Tsunami Bomb has been reunited for 3 years now. When we decided to bring the band back, we asked many of the former members to join us, and while most of us came forward, a couple passed for various reasons of their own. We discussed calling ourselves something else but, in the end, it was obvious that we were Tsunami Bomb. Pretending to be anything else would be disingenuous. Even though we knew that there would be people disappointed that not all the old members were there, we had enough of the minds behind the band’s concept and majority of the songwriters involved that we could move forward comfortably. Tsunami Bomb has always been a team effort, there isn’t one mind behind it. Once we found Kate, we were amazed to find this wonderful person with so much raw talent, that both sung the songs in her own voice, while staying true to the band’s style. It was hard not be excited by the future for the first time in a long time.

We knew there would be people who would not like it no matter what, and with a new album coming we knew there would be more people discovering we were back for the first time. It’s fine. We love this band. It’s a labor of love. We are proud of what it’s accomplished since returning, and I don’t think what we are doing now is in any way a disgrace to what came before. I’m so excited to show you the new album. I believe most of you out there will really, truly love it. I do. We tried to pay tribute to all we had done before as a band and move it forward at the same time. I think we did.

There is no way we can easily warn old fans of the member changes. We do our best, but there isn't anything to do beyond being as honest and sincere as we have been. It’s been three years now. You guys just have to figure it out. Decide if it is for you. For those of you who just don’t like the band as it is now? That’s ok. Our gift to you, is that we have been pulling all of the old Tsunami Bomb albums out from the forgotten dollar bins and back onto the store shelves where they belong. Thank you for loving the band all this time, we appreciate you so much.

To those that have decided you love the band as it is now? Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have supported us and given us a chance. It means the world to us. This band exists because of you. Buckle up. Things are going to get very exciting with this new album.

I'm so excited.