Dominic Miguel Davi is a musician, illustrator, podcast host, author, and photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Primarily known for his work as the bassist for the punk band TSUNAMI BOMB and as the host of the podcast 3 GIGS

Founding TSUNAMI BOMB in 1999 in Petaluma, CA, the band would go on to sign to Kung Fu Records and become an internationally touring powerhouse and Warped Tour staple. Dominic served as bassist and songwriter until 2003 when he split with the band and would then form the punk band LOVE EQUALS DEATH, that would sign with Fat Records and tour nationally until he departed the band in 2007.  He would play in various groups, until reforming TSUNAMI BOMB at the end of 2015, and has continued to tour with them since. In 2017, ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE named the TSUNAMI BOMB 2002 album, THE ULTIMATE ESCAPE that Davi co-wrote and recorded, #31 out of the top 50 pop punk albums of all time. 

In the fall of 2006, Davi created a web comic strip called THE ROCK N' ROLL PALACE OF LOVE that was loosely based on his real life adventures with his roommates in a house they all lived in his hometown of Petaluma, CA. The weekly webcomic gathered an extremely loyal cult following and continued for four years, when it was put on hiatus in 2010 when all the roommates moved away from the house. 

In 2010 while living on the east coast, Davi began to design clothing and merchandise under the name THE DINOSAUR FACTORY, which he continues to create under to this day. 

In 2013 Dominic Davi started working as a freelance fashion and fetish photographer, and his work was featured in a number of magazines, including GLAM ROCK and GOTHESQUE.

In 2015 he made his comic book debut illustrating a story by Joe Escalante of The Vandals titled FEAR OF A PUNK PLANET, that was based off an internet series that Escalante had directed in the 90's. The first run sold out immediately and the comic is now in it's second printing. The following year, Davi would self publish his own short story comic, COME FIND ME as a prequel to an upcoming series titled, GREEN TEETH that Davi has written and illustrated slated for a 2018 release.

In 2017, Dominic Davi launched the podcast 3 GIGS, where he interviews different performers as to their first, best, and worst performances of all time, and the show has built a cult following mostly focusing on musicians that Davi knows or tours with. In January 2018, Davi has become co-host of the MONSTER CANDY PODCAST with pro-wrestler/model, Shotzi Blackheart and Screamin' E, vocalist for The Memphis Murder Men, that focuses on horror movies and culture. 

As of the end of 2017, Dominic Davi currently works as the president and general manager of ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS and is writing a new album for TSUNAMI BOMB


                      Interview about the return of Tsunami Bomb and performing on the upcoming Pouzza Festival


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                    Detailed history about Dominic's career. Notable for complete details on the origins of TB
                    As well as the 2007 arrest and accusation discussed in great detail (this segment starts at 1:15:59)